Facilities and Equipment

Manufacturing Facilities of Vanessa M Ltd in Gabrovo and Kazanlak

Vanessa M Ltd  manufacturing facilities comprise two excellently equipped sites for MANUFACTURE and REPAIR of hydraulic cylinders, directional valves, hammers and other metal products to customer specifications.

All hydraulic cylinders are 100 percent leakage tested on our test stands which guarantees excellent quality of repairs. We also develop engineering and technical designs and documentation for the production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and tooling. We look forward to assisting you in the realisation of your technical vision!

What we use at the Vanessa M Ltd facilities

Transportation vehicles


HARRIS TCK 6340 Lathe
HARRIS TCK 6340 Lathe
Universal Lathe СЕ 61100Е х 5000m
Universal Lathe СЕ 61100Е х 5000m
Universal Lathe СЕ 6250С/2000
Universal Lathe СЕ 6250С/2000
Universal Lathe СЕ62441L
Universal Lathe СЕ62441L

Milling machines:

HARRIS XW 6032B Universal miller
UNI 76C-CBC pipe bending machine (Italy)
Positive displacement screw compressor with dehumidifier
HIDROLIKSAN HD 80 Hydraulic Press
DCB-A Automatic Two-column band saw machine
Drilling machines
Circular buffer
Flat buffer
Various types of high quality measuring instruments

How we proceed:

We collect the hydraulic part from the customer and transport it to our workshops in Gabrovo or Kazanlak
We establish the defect in the part
We communicate to the customer (by fax or email) our finds, cost and time scale of repairs

We register customer confirmation for repair by email or fax

We deliver the repaired part with the following documentation:

VAT invoice
Flowchart for the repaired part
Quality certificate(s) for materials used by Contractor
Flow chart of leakage test
Payment is due within 30 days of delivery of repaired part and invoicing
Should the Contracting Authority approve of the quality, time scale and cost of repairs a one-year Contract, extendable by mutual agreement, can be signed with the Contractor
In cases of emergency we provide services on Saturday and Sunday
Upon your request, REFERENCES may be provided by our clients.