Европейски Фонд за Регионално Развитие Иновации и Конкурентоспособност

A grant contract № BG16RFOP002-3.001-0284-C01 for ‘Increased energy efficiency at Vanessa-M Ltd’ was signed with Vanessa-M Ltd under Operational Programme „Innovations and Competitiveness”, co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The contract is signed under the BG16RFOP002-3.001 “Energy efficiency for small and medium-sized enterprises” procedure call.

The project aims at increased energy efficiency at Vanesa-M Ltd to build sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Grant total: 482,800.00 BGN, including 292,366.00 European and 51,594.00 national aid.

The project starts August 9th, 2017 for the duration of 15 months.