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About us

Vanessa-M Ltd supports applications and industries with innovative technologies.

Vanessa M Ltd has been in business since 2009. To the present day we are guided by the principles of continuous development and loyalty to our customers. Our products are utilised in a wide range of industries, such as the light industry, agri-food industry and heavy engineering.

Our standard and innovative products form the core of high productivity at Vanessa M Ltd. We are committed to design and manufacture products to meet quality goals and customer specifications in both mobile and stationary applications. We continually work with our clients to offer specific solutions to satisfy the complex and unique expectations in every enquiry.

Advantages for you:

Improved productivity, fine-tuned machine control and dynamic performance.

Vanessa M Ltd is committed to satisfying specific customer needs through a unique function, size, or standard of hydraulic cylinders.

We offer a wide range of products, new technologies and excellent service from day one and throughout our cooperation with the customer:

We welcome the challenge for special design cylinders with unique applications.

Vanessa M Ltd offers the following products and services:

Upon request following repair of hydraulic cylinders we provide:



36, Mazalat St; Gabrovo 5300; Bulgaria

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